• Social Security and Disability
The Social Security Disability Program and Supplemental Security Income disability program are federal programs that provide assistance to people with disabilities. Individuals may qualify for benefits under either program if they meet the medical criteria. If you are under the age of 65 and you have an injury or illness severe enough that it has prevented you from working for at least a year or is expected to keep you from working for at least a year, then you may be entitled to receive social security disability benefits. Many people who apply for benefits are initially denied. However, one may appeal the denial of benefits and request a hearing to provide additional information and evidence that could change the outcome of the request for benefits and ultimately be approved. If you have been denied social security disability benefits, we can help.
• Worker's Compensation
When a worker is hurt or mistreated on the job, the consequences can be huge for the worker and his or her family. The rights, remedies, options, deadlines, and procedures can be confusing. Depending on details, many different types of laws can come into play, such as the Workers Compensation Act, third party liability, Employer’s Liability Act, wrongful discharge and federal statutory protections against various types of discrimination.